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best incline trainer
Best Incline Trainer

Which Trainers Offer the Best Value?
Can't decide which high incline treadmill trainer to buy? This page lists our picks for " Best Incline Trainer " for 2014.

Each one has its own unique strengths - which we've highlighted for you. You'll also find links to the complete review and where to buy online.

(Please note that while every effort is made to stay up to date, prices may change at any time.)
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Best Incline Trainer
Best Incline Trainer For Runners:
Best Picks Based On:

  • How Trainers Compare To Similarly Priced Models

  • Quality of Construction

  • Range of Workout Features

  • User Reviews

  • Stability & Cushioning

  • Overall Value For Your Money

Best Incline Trainer Under $1000:
NordicTrack X9 Incline Trainer

[ Full Review ]

Why We Chose It:

Burn Nearly 400 Calories in 20 Minutes

If you're looking to lose weight fast - but don't have hours to spend in the gym, this is your machine. You can burn nearly 400 calories (walking at 2.0 MPH) in just 20 minutes.

40% Incline and 6% Decline

Walk at ultra-high inclines or use the decline function for added crosstraining.

60" Long Belt

This is one of the longest belts you'll find on a trainer - so it gives you lots of room to move and pick up your pace. You also get an extra wide 22 inch belt as well.

Reflex Deck Cushioning

The Reflex Deck system is made from the same material they use to make professional snowboards.
NordicTrack X9
It absorbs more impact at heel-strike, while maintaining stability as you push off. This gives you extra cushioning protection that runners need.

Built-In Web Browser

You can surf the net or read your emails with the 10" Full Color Touch Screen console and web browser. This is a great way to pass the time and stay entertained while you workout.


Download new workouts to your trainer, map out new routes to run all over the world using Googlemaps and track your fitness progress online. The treadmill actually inclines and declines to match the actual terrain of the course you're running, very cool

Editor's Notes:

The X9 is really the best incline trainer for runners as it has everything you could need like an extra long belt, strong cushioning system for joint protection and a solid deck for higher stability.

The icing on the cake is the built-in web browser, 44 built-in workouts and iFit LIVE to help you track and reach your fitness goals. You'll never get bored with this machine - and you'll notice results very fast.

Buying Tips: You can get Free Shipping and read user reviews at the Manufacturer's website.

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Bowflex TC5

[ Full Review ]

Why We Chose It:

Only Treadclimber under $1000

To get a Treadclimber under $1000 is unheard-of and this is a great price that won't break the bank.

Motorless Operation

Since there's not motor, this is a simpler machine than the higher end Treadclimbers - which some people like.  Plus it means you get quieter workouts.


Since the TC5 is self-powered, you can place the machine anywhere you want. You don't need to be near a plug outlet since there are no cords.
Step On and Go

There's no complicated buttons or console options to choose - you just step on the Treadclimber and go. The console automatically senses movement and lights up with your workout stats.

Editor's Notes:

The TC5 is the most affordable Treadclimber on the market. Plus it offers the high calorie burning benefits of incline training - while keeping things simple with no motor or cords - you just get on and go.

Buying Tips: You can buy the Bowflex TC5 Treadclimber direct from the Manufacturer. You can also watch videos, read user reviews and choose to have them assemble the machine in-home for you.

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Bowflex TC5
Bowflex incline trainer coupon
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NordicTrack X9