Incline Trainer Vs Treadmill Incline Trainer Vs Treadmill
Incline Trainer Vs Treadmill
Which is Best?
Considering an incline trainer? Wondering if it's right for you?

These trainers are really a hybrid type of treadmill offering higher inclines (up to 40%) than a regular treadmill.

You may have already seen a couple of different models like the NordicTrack incline trainer or the Bowflex Treadclimber.

These machines are quickly becoming popular with those people looking to burn fat and see faster results.
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Incline Trainer vs treadmill
What are the main differences between a trainer and a treadmill? This article will outline some of the main benefits that an incline trainer can offer you over a treadmill:

Incline Trainer Vs Treadmill:

#1 Super High Calorie Burning

High incline walking burns calories exponentially faster than flat surface walking. In fact you can burn up to 5X the calories on an incline treadmill trainer than on a regular treadmill.

This means you're going to watch your body slimming down and toning up much faster than you would on a treadmill.

One of the main reasons people buy fitness is to slim down and lose weight. So if you can find a machine that does this faster, you're going to prefer it.

#2 More Compact Than A Treadmill

Most incline treadmill trainers are more compact than a standard treadmill. They are more box-like in shape whereas most treadmills are a longer rectangular shape. This helps if you have a limited workout space for your machine.

#3 More Joint and Knee-Friendly

Because the belts rise to meet your feet, an incline treadmill trainer is easier on the joints and knees than a treadmill would be. With a treadmill the constant pounding down on the belt can cause a lot of strain and higher impact on your joints. This can contribute to shin splints and knee pain.

#4 Can Also Double As A Treadmill

Some trainers (not all) can do double duty as a treadmill too. So if you just want to walk at a 1-2% incline some days because you're tired, you can. If you want to really burn the calories another day with 30% incline intervals you can. Basically you can use it as a treadmill or as an incline trainer - so you get 2 machines in one.

So those are 4 main benefits of incline trainers vs treadmills. Another thing you should be aware of is that not all trainers are built the same. There are some with 2 smaller treadbelts and others with 1 larger treadbelt (like a treadmill). There are some that give you incline and even decline.

There are some that offer lots of fitness tracking tools and workout "toys" like iPod docks and even a built-in web browser. Others are much more simple with less console options - but more affordable as well.

I personally recommend the NordicTrack X9 incline trainer if you're a runner - and the Bowflex TC5 Treadclimber if you're on a budget.

So you have lots of options and it really depends on what you want and need in a fitness machine. Take your time, do some research before you buy and choose a machine you really get excited about using it.

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