Nordic Track Incline Trainer Review Nordic Track Incline Trainer Review
Nordic Track Incline Trainer
What To Know Before You Buy
Nordic Track makes some of the most popular incline trainers on the market.

They have several options you won't find on other machines like:

Here's a quick list of the strengths and weaknesses of the Nordic Track Incline Trainer:


#1 Ideal For Runners

Past incline trainers were mainly meant for walking workouts. The belts were shorter so that if you ran, you'd feel like you were going to fall off the machine.

The newer Nordic Track trainers however have been made with longer belts, better cushioning and sturdier decks - so they are ideal for runners.

For example the X9 has a whoping 60" long belt. 

However note that the X3 (an older model) only has a 50" belt so that isn't recommended for runners.

#2 iFit LIVE

This is another completely unique feature to these trainers. The new models come with iFit LIVE.

This feature connects your trainer to the wireless internet in your home. From there you can download new workout programs, map out a new route to run anywhere in the world (uses Googlemaps) and track your fitness goals online.

You can even download new workout programs by Jillian Michaels of 'The Biggest Loser' where her voice coaches your thought your workout. Very cool.

#3 Incline and Decline

You can go from 0 - 40% incline on these trainers and burn a lot of calories. Plus the new models also come with a decline function.

This is great for crosstraining and adding a new dimension to your workout.

It also works well with the iFit LIVE. So when you're running a route (along the Grand Canyon for example), the treadmill inclines when the trail actually inclines and declines where the trail would actually decline.

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Nordic Track Incline Trainer
Nordic Track X9i Incline Trainer
NordicTrack X7i        -    4 / 5 Stars

NordicTrack X9        -     5 / 5 Stars

Nordictrack X11        -     5 / 5 Stars

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#4 Reflex Cushioning

Reflex deck cushioning is Nordic track's best cushioning system - very easy on the joints.

It reduces impact by nearly 42% compared to running on asphalt. So if you're a runner, prone to shin splints or just concerned about protecting your joints, this is a great cushioning system to have.

#5 Built-In Web Browser (X9 and X11 only)

The X9 and x11 also carry a large 10" color console with built-in web browser. So you can read your emails, catch up on business news, sign into Facebook and more - all while working out.


If you don't have wireless internet in your home, you won't get full use out of the iFit LIVE feature. Also, be aware that iFit LIVE is a subscription based service (around $99 a year).

While you don't need to have iFit in order to use the incline trainers, you will get a lot more out of your trainer with iFit LIVE (like HD videos, new workout programs, online goal tracking, etc.)

Quick Summary:

It's easy to see why these machines are some of the most popular incline trainers on the market. They offer a lot of value for the money from high end cushioning to extra long belts to more powerful motors than past trainers.

And the entertainment options are dazzling - with everything from new 'celebrity trainer' workouts to browsing the web to running famous trails all over the world. Overall, great value, covered by some of the best warranties on the market.

Where To Buy:

You can buy the latest Nordic Track Incline Trainers direct from the Manufacturer. You can read the latest user reviews, watch videos on how they work and get Free Shipping to your home.

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